More Double talk and typical double standard by Democrats.. They must take the American people for fools to make their lies so damn transparent…

This is exactly how and why they lost such a huge defeat in the 2010 midterm‘s..This will not serve them at all. Once you criticize someone or an organization then turn around and do the exact same thing the person or organization you criticized then your word BECOME null and void. NO GOOD..

Six months ago, Deputy White House Press Secretary Bill Burton demanded that a “bright light” be shined “on the shadowy activity” of Republican fundraising groups such as Karl Rove‘s American Crossroads, which helped direct millions in anonymous political donations to targeted congressional races.

“The President thinks that if you’re going to participate in politics, you ought to be transparent about it,” Burton told reporters traveling on Air Force One.

Today, having departed the White House, Burton formally announced his role in a new fundraising group, Priorities USA, which will in many respects be modeled after American Crossroads, and will provide donors the option of giving money without having to be identified publicly.

The emergence of the group is not a surprise — Democrats knew they would be facing the potential of an even more robust effort from American Crossroads in 2012, and Congress has yet to respond to recent rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court that have opened this new avenue for wealthy donors, corporations, and unions to participate in politics.

But given the ferocity with which President Obama and Democrats in Congress objected to this new fundraising landscape, they are now being forced to explain how they could join a system they found so repugnant. American Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio was among the first to accuse the president of “brazen hypocrisy.”


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