So now that he is done watching Shuttles be scrubbed and now that he raised some more campaign cash, and now that he is done feeding right into the hands of the birthers the President says it is time to get serious. While he has been away doing all this the Republicans have been trying to figure out a way out of this debt, 14 trillion and almost 9% unemployment. WAY to go President Obama way to go.

Just as Obama was “puzzled” by the attention given to the “birther” theories that he is not a native-born American — which he tried to disprove Wednesday by trotting out the long-form version of his birth certificate that conspiracy theorists have been requesting — GOP leaders said they were surprised the president felt he had to address them.

“If the White House press secretary says that this is a sideshow, why aren’t we treating it as such and dealing with the bigger issues?” House Republican Leader Eric Cantor asked in reference to the birth certificate controversy.

“There are much more important issues for us to be dealing with, obviously,” Cantor told Fox News, citing unemployment near 9 percent and the country’s $14 trillion debt.

Cantor’s office blasted out a memo Wednesday saying the party remains “squarely focused” on the economy and the debt, as well as energy policy, despite the birther hubbub.

“I am more interested in President Obama producing a budget that actually cuts spending and removes the regulatory burden on small businesses so they can create jobs and grow our economy,” added Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., in a written statement. “Or perhaps he can produce a realistic energy policy to help ease the pain at the pump Americans are feeling by reducing our dependency on foreign sources.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus noted that Republicans have been working on reforming entitlements and urging the president to get on board. The GOP is pushing a long-term budget overhaul that would, among other things, end direct Medicare payments to doctors and phase in a system where seniors purchase subsidized private insurance.

Obama, who opposes that plan, offered a deficit-reduction outline earlier this month, though Republicans dismissed it as too meek. But while the president told Oprah Winfrey in a taped interview Wednesday that the birth certificate controversy was such huge news that it got in the way of the budget debate, a new study suggested that wasn’t the case.

The Pew Research Center‘s Project for Excellence in Journalism, which produces a weekly analysis of news coverage, found that during the week of April 11-17, Obama and the “birther” issue filled a mere 4 percent of the news coverage. About 40 percent was devoted to the economy that week.


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