Donald Trump enters the Oscar De LA Renta Fash...

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You have read this title right, Possible 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Mr. Donald Trump has trumped the media and their king! HERE is how!

He has done what so many have tried well he hasn’t done it single handed because the topic has picked up some major steam over the past few weeks. Now that President Obama has produced his birth certificate as Trump says maybe they can move onto the “important” issues. But not only has Trump forced the hand of President Obama the media just cannot get enough of Trump. Kind of reminds us of someone in 2008 that promised to bring change to Washington but the only change we got was his watching what club he uses on the golf course.

Trump is still dominating headlines even over the “Royal” Wedding, More and more Hollywood movie stars are starting to lift the blinders and support Trump. Trump has a real chance to win the nomination and go on to topple President Obama in the general. The Liberal media has been digging and clawing and trying to destroy Trump every chance they get. That shows that they view Trump as a major threat to President Obama’s re-election prospects.

The more the Trump is talked about on news outlets the more people talk about him to their friends who in turn form their own opinions of the Trump, be it good or bad they are still talking about him. If he decides to run this will play in his favor BIG time. Remember independents win elections and right now guess who many independents are flocking towards? It damn sure is not President Obama.

So the Trump is Trumping the mainstream media and has lined up the President in a possible show down. All I can say is fasten your seat belts it is going to get even more crazier.

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