More Big Union troubles ahead…The waters are getting very murky..

Posted: April 25, 2011 by The STR in Barack Obama Files, Big Union Files, Political NEWS & VEIWS
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Corporations could be moving to friendlier waters and seek refuge in more and more “Right to work” States like Florida and South Carolina.

Well this could be a new trend and leading this trend could be Boeing, Boeing will be opening a new plant in South Carolina and possibly closing down the one in Washington. See there is no law preventing a company to close one plant down and move it to somewhere else. Like let’s say to a state that is a “Right to work State” and get away from those states that favor big unions and their bully tactics.

After suffering through a two-month strike at their Washington State plant in 2008 over a benefits dispute, Boeing, the nation’s leading exporter, began construction on a plant in North Charleston, S.C.

In Washington State, if a majority of workers at a plant vote to join a union, all workers at that plant are compelled to join and pay dues. In South Carolina, union membership and dues payments are voluntary. That deprives unions of funds to sustain strikes and to support Democratic candidates who, in turn, seek more laws advantageous to unions. And without mandatory membership, unions, which struggle to win establishing elections to begin with, see membership decrease as workers grow weary of dues payments.

Here is a list of right to work states:
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wyoming.

If the Unions had their way every company would have to abide by some type of “Closed Shop” agreement. Closed Shop in employment terms means a company agrees to ONLY hire people who are with a particular union. If that person decides not to be a part of that union no more they get fired or say they are unable to pay union dues then they get fired as well. This is the ultimate dream of any union.

Think about it like this say you are BIG UNION001 ok and there is a closed shop law in the state you’re in let’s use Ohio for example (beings it is NOT a right to work state) Every manufacturing company in Ohio has no choice but to hire their employees from you. Your employees have no choice but to pay their dues so now you have a GURENTEED steady stream of dues coming in. If a union member fails to pay their dues they lose their jobs. So let’s say you do not like the manufacturing company’s pay scale, you think the union workers should be paid more, nothing wrong with workers getting a few more dollars and hour but now that the manufacturing company gave them a raise you can go up on the union dues and get a slice of the “pie”. See this is nothing but one HUGE pyramid scheme. So guess what, the manufacturing company says SCREW you they close down that plant and move to a “right to work state” such as Florida, there are unions but, the manufacturing company can now feel free to hire NON union members and if they want to say pay 12.00 per hour then there is no one to say NO YOU CAN’T. So think, why wouldn’t a company rather be in a state that gives them more flexibility and more rights to run their company as they see fit? But do not worry about this happening anytime soon ok, because of the little thing called the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947.

Instead we have what we called Union Shops, What is a union shop? It is a form of a union security clause under which the employer agrees to hire either labor union members or nonmembers but all non-union employees must become union members within a specified period of time or lose their jobs.
So usually companies like in the “right to work states” like for instance Publix Supermarkets Inc. become NON union companies and for a damn good reason.

So more Union friendlier states would most likely be losing A LOT of companies to more “Company do your own damn thing” friendlier states.

“I oppose any unions in my personal opinions I think they pray on the weak and feeble minded people and companies that are too scared to stand up to them. In my opinion they care more about dues than they do the people paying them. I find the unions are out dated and believe it or not while their power goes far they are losing it to more and more companies closing plants down and moving to friendlier waters. So I ask the President to please keep embracing Big Unions and their campaign contributions because that will lead to his defeat in 2012.” – Steven Bravo

  1. As a Brit I have my nation’s collective experience with Unionism and it is very much a two-edged sword.

    Unions can protect the individual worker and ensure standards and lack of abuse by employers, there is no doubt. What is often forgotten though is that it is that the ability of such unions to have that power to challenge usually comes from their collective strength region or industry wide. There is nothing worse than watching other unions doing a great job and your group either not giving a damn or not being supported enough to make a difference.

    Though having that united support and power is great, that power also may come at a price. Unionism is most certainly linked to socialism and thus the left of politics. Like it or not, a great chunk of the power behind the left side of politics comes not from the union membership but the lobbying and power influences of the Union leadership. The question thus arrives, how often does the unions support or represent those that lean to the right?

    In my country as well as in New Zealand and Australia the Labour Parties are linked to Unionism and the leadership and often candidates are given the green light by the leadership of Unions. That may sound good, that may sound like it is another strong vetting method but not when it is a closed club. I have no problem with a socialist agenda, it can and has worked and it is based on the ideals of fairness and rights but in some circumstances it is based on exclusion and “club membership” which I am apposed.

    I cannot say that I know about unionism in America and I will not say be careful they may not be a good thing – that is not true and workers accross the globe need representation and protection from abuse, but I will say this – remember those most repititious lines said by Spider Man’s Uncle ….. something about power and responsibility.

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