Obama’s Facebook Townhall crashes; conservative group claims credit

Posted: April 21, 2011 by The STR in Barack Obama Files, NEWS & LOCAL NEWS, Political Comedy, Political NEWS & VEIWS
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Ok so I saw this article on the daily caller saying that the conservative group ForAmerica has caused the Obama town hall facebook meeting to crash reportedly for around 40 mins. Look the Liberals are known for doing this kind of trick why do we want to scoop down to their levels? Every American is entitled to enjoy their 1st amendment rights. You do not have to agree with them that is your right to do so, I think this was a low blow and I do not personally support this.

I think the organization is a good one with a good message but to go and try to silence people in participating in their god given rights as Americans is wrong not RIGHT. This kind of behavior does nothing but raise eyebrows at what so many have accomplished so far.

Here is the story here:

For about 39 minutes Wednesday afternoon, the Obama Facebook Townhall event page was down.

According to representatives of the conservative group ForAmerica (which is chaired by conservative Brent Bozell) they are likely responsible. Just prior to the crash, ForAmerica sent out word to their nearly 1 million fans on Facebook that they should post comments on the site.

The Townhall event began at 4:45 EST Wednesday, but opened for questions and comments earlier.  The theme of the event was “Shared Responsibility and Shared Prosperity.”

“As the comments grew on the town hall page we marveled at the speed and volume of posts from ForAmerica supporters,” said Bozell. “Within a few minutes, the town hall page was taken down and labeled ‘unavailable,’ and it was down for at least 39 minutes. When it was restored no new comments were allowed for several more minutes. We are only beginning to see the untapped power of this growing, formidable online army.”

According to Greg Mueller, an adviser for the group, “ForAmerica has amassed a very active and engaged online conservative army that engaged in a Facebook bracketing operation.  The Obama folks have proven they are very good at new media, but there’s a new team in the game.  We overloaded it with comments from that grassroots operation, which we believe disrupted the site for close to 40 minutes.”

The group urged supporters to post their own messages, but a number of people used their recommended language, which was  “It’s not a tough choice, Mr. President. You have added $3.5 TRILLION to the debt already, the first thing we should do is repeal Obamacare!”

At the time of this writing, this is a random screen shot of comments being posted on the Facebook page:


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