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1: In 2008 Obama promised to bring the troops home with a 100 day plan, what happen to that plan?

2: his 2008 campaign he promised to have the deficit slashed in half by the end of his 1stterm, how come he has tripled it?

3: Obama said he was going to close Guantanamo bay? What happened?

4: Obama said he was going to restrict warrantless wiretaps. What happened their?

5: Obama said tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials? How come this stalled?

Ok so here is the low down on Seinfeld wanting to start a fight with Trump on the birther issues. So Seinfeld was scheduled to perform you mean Seinfeld actually performs? What does he do some recycled used up so called comedy bits? He is a joke no pun intended!

So he cancels his performance for a charity benefiting the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital because he disagrees with The Donald’s questioning of Barack Obama’s citizenship, his reps said. Really? I mean so the hell with the children’s cause all over a disagreement with Donald Trump?

So basically what Seinfeld is doing is showing his true colors, Way to go Seinfeld but have no worries if his golf game is anything like his repertoire then the event is better off. – Where’s Our Change Video

A crowd of half a dozen protesters concerned with the Wikileaks story disrupted the Obama event at the St. Regis Hotel, with Oakland activist Naomi Pitcairn organizing the event for the group which calls itself; she personally paid $76,000 total for tickets for the group to gain entry to the high priced fundraiser, she told us.

The progressive group protested what they called the inhumane treatment of Pvt. Bradley Manning in the Wikileaks case. Their protest song — which included lyrics: “We paid our dues..where’s our change?” — was sung in its entirety for Obama, who thanked them at the end of the a capella performance.

Outside, the group said that they were progressives who had worked for Obama and voted for him in 2008, but who were disappointed not only with Manning’s treatment, but with Obama’s policies on war as well.

The protest began when Pitcairn stood up about 5 minutes into the president’s speech and said, “We wrote a song for you, Mr. President.” When he tried to suggest she wait, the group launched into the ditty, and kept singing for several minutes.

Or better yet which way did they go George Barack? So President Obama takes to face book to woo young supporters again and do what he is so good at doing and that is campaigning. All the while the nation faces a negative credit rating, 3 wars, trillions of dollars in debt, NO JOBS, high gas prices and what is our fearless leader out dong? He is out raising money to not go towards any of those things listed above but instead he is raising money for his re-election bid. This President never ceases to amaze me on the idiotic S&@T he does.

So he goes on face book to appeal to “young” voters? I thought you had to be 18 to vote? I know I know I get it I really do, but the town hall meeting he held was down for 40 mins and it was very choppy and the audio was cutting out it was just plain awful, Listen Obama has lost his flare, he has lost his charisma he is BORING. He is as boring to watch as JOHN MCCAIN, Obama says the exact same things he said in 2004. There is nothing new, it is dried up and dull no wonder if put the Vice President to sleep the other day hell do you blame him?

Ok so we have been hearing a lot about the GANG of six, this kind of disturbs me that the media would refer to these 6 people as the gang of six. Is it to try and pass off a “tough” guy persona? Let’s take a look at who the gang of six is:

They are called the Gang of Six:

Democrats Dick Durbin of Illinois, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, and Mark Warner of Virginia

Republicans Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, and Mike Crapo of Idaho.

Despite the naysayers who think she isn’t going to run for president, Palin is managing to stay relevant, unveiling a blistering attack on Pres. Obama.

Official photo of United States Senator John E...

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Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) plans to announce Friday that he will resign his Senate seat, aides said Thursday. Ensign has been under investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee over whether Ensign violated Senate rules during his affair with Cindy Hampton, a former campaign aide. Hampton’s husband, Doug Hampton, was Ensign’s deputy chief of staff during most of the extramarital relationship.

Listen we have bigger problems to worry about then some love triangle BS. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket and people are worried about this? WHAT A DAMN JOKE….