I am watching Hannity talk to Gov. Palin and she says that Donald Trump is being treated unfairly. She is absolutely right about this issue. It is true all you have to do is sit back and watch how a Democrat will be interviewed compared to a Republican. Just watch how they will go after the republican full claws out and the Democrat asked BS questions.

The establishment is railing against Donald Trump that in its self should speak volumes. The Democrats are hoping to divide the Republican Party that is their strategy that is the only way they can get Obama re-elected. But guess what!  The Republicans are a little different when it comes to politics than the Democrats are. Democrats will damn near tear their party apart and down to the ground while the Republicans will unite. Obama is going to be a 1 term President and go down in history as the worst President of ALL time. I agree with Trump on that one, you are not going to agree with everything every single little issue the candidates believe.

Obama just does not get it, in 2008 social reform was high on the list, well this is not 2008 it is 2012, economical reform is what is high on the list so please let Obama keep talking about social reform programs all he wants. While the Republican’s hammer away on ways to fix this economical disaster our country is in.

  1. […] Sarah Palin Defends Donald Trump, Talks 2012 (smacktalkradio.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Sarah Palin Defends Donald Trump, Talks 2012 (smacktalkradio.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Sarah Palin Defends Donald Trump, Talks 2012 (smacktalkradio.wordpress.com) […]

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