Williams-Farmer 2011 Receives Key Pro-Life Endorsements

Statewide and Northern Kentucky pro-life groups endorse WF’11

(April 13, 2011) David Williams and Richie Farmer, the leading Republican candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor, have received a key statewide endorsement. The Kentucky Right to Life Political Action Committee has endorsed Williams-Farmer 2011 noting that the ticket answered the groups questionnaire with 100% pro-life answers. The group, touting the endorsement, also says: “Senator Williams has supported more than 40 pro-life bills during his tenure as Kentucky Senate President. Williams speaks eloquently on behalf of the unborn and the elderly on the Senate floor and has made extraordinary efforts to protect innocent human life from conception until natural death.”

Margie Montgomery, Executive Director of Kentucky Right to Life, says David Williams has been one of Kentucky’s most important pro-life leaders.

“David is one of the strongest pro-life leaders in Frankfort. He has worked tirelessly to pass legislation ranging from the fetal homicide bill to informed consent. Without his unwavering voice, the cause of protecting the unborn would be much further behind. In David Williams, pro-life citizens have a proven leader they can trust to stand up for our values,” Montgomery said.

Williams said he was honored to accept the endorsement of the KRLA PAC.

“Kentucky needs a pro-life Governor and Lt. Governor. Too many times in Frankfort we’ve seen pro-life legislation pass the Senate and then grind to a halt with no support from Governor Beshear or his allies in the state House. As Governor, I will promote pro-life causes and stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Too many people give lip service to this issue. We need a governor that will stand up for every baby and give them a chance at life,” Williams said.

In addition to the KRLA PAC, the Williams-Farmer campaign has also been endorsed by Northern Kentucky Right to Life.


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