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David Martin, Executive Vice President

Media Research Center

If you missed Friday’s message, we’ve included it below. Our response was overwhelming and we wanted to make sure that EVERY member of our Action team saw it. If you’ve already signed our petition on the media’s coverage of anti-American billionaire George Soros, please forward to your friends, and if you haven’t signed please do so today! See details and action items below. –David


George Soros has spent the last 30 years building a multi-BILLION dollar empire of ultra-left wing groups dedicated to implementing his socialist vision of how the world should be structured.

He uses this empire to push for euthanasia, drug legalization, gay rights, a more powerful UN, a massive estate tax, increased foreign aid, abortion on demand, global climate change regulations and special rights for illegal aliens. He funnels money to liberal groups to push an agenda that opposes to the second amendment, the state of Israel, the war on terror and organized religion.

This man has the resources and intention to remake the world in accordance to his own vision. But he can only accomplish this if good patriotic people are kept in the dark by a liberal media sympathetic to his goals.

Click to take quick action with

the MRC and to receive your

special FREE repoert that

exposes Soros’ true plan.

Steven, this weekend in Boston, a Soros-led conference seeks to “Change the World,” by changing the media. And, while we certainly agree that the media need changing, we’d prefer change that reflected the values of hard-working Americans as opposed to those of a billionaire socialist intent on taking the U.S. down a notch. Concurrently, just 150 miles north, at another Soros-sponsored event, another far-left group of elected officials, academics and activists will be discussing plans to remake the world economic order — one world government, a global currency and the strengthening of the United Nations!

Of course the leftist media aren’t going to report this because if Americans knew the truth about the radical ideas being presented to undermine our national sovereignty, they would be outraged!

Well, we are doing something about it!

Already our own Dan Gainor, MRC’s vice president of Business and Culture, has put together an eye-opening, special report on who and what will be presented at these conferences.

We want you to have this special report absolutely free after adding your name to our new petition to “Demand the media tell the truth about George Soros” and his plan to undo our nation!

Click here to sign our petition and receive your free report.

Steven, Dan reports that NBC, The Washington Post, PBS, and other key liberal media outlets will be in attendance — NOT TO COVER what should be a shocking front page story in every newspaper across the nation, but rather to join Mr. Soros in his plans to erode our freedom and Constitution!

+ + Countering this egregious attack on our independence

As patriotic Americans we cannot allow these kinds of reprehensible events to go unchallenged. That’s why we’ve launched our petition — to bring the truth about Soros to light and hold the media accountable for their actions!

Go here now to sign.

Our goal is to quickly rally and mobilize 25,000 citizen petitions for fast delivery to the major liberal news outlets that are participating in, or supporting Soros? grand plan to undermine and take our nation down a notch.

After signing, and receiving your special report we strongly urge you to alert your friends and family members — encouraging them to take action with you by clicking here.

Freedom of the press is a responsibility as well as a right, and by covering up for their radical financiers, the liberal media are jeopardizing the freedoms that our Founding Fathers intended for us — freedoms we all hope to one day pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Thank you for standing with us against this insidious attack.

We’ve raised $72,000 towards our $100,000 goal!

David Martin

P.S. Our matching challenge is in full swing. Any support that you can provide at this crucial time will be doubled. Please stand with us against the left-wing media as we fight for a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren!

  1. datkrak says:

    I assume this means that, it’s unconscionable for Soros to spend the money he’s made through legal, capitalist means on the things he believes in, then it’s just as unconscionable for another, conservative-minded businessman to spend his or her money pushing a right-wing agenda.


    • No your right he can spend his money how he sees fit…But just as he sees fit how to spend his money we can demand as freedom of speech goes how he should spend it….Got to love the 1st amendment….

  2. datkrak says:

    Demand until you’re blue in the face. I’ll die to defend your right to do so. Just don’t expect Mr. Soros, or any other exceedingly wealthy individual, to listen.

    Also, beware of arguments that back you into a corner and put you in danger of hypocrisy. Your central conceit is that Soros has no business spending his money furthering his agenda. If you’re not willing to bark at similar individuals on the other side of the political spectrum, you’re just blowing hot air.

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