Obama what size flip flops do you wear?

Posted: April 12, 2011 by The STR in NEWS & LOCAL NEWS
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Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

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President Obama has flipped flopped more than any President that I know of. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

  1. 1. Obama has promised to close Guantánamo Bay “Which I think is a horrible idea” but guess what? It is still open so why would he even close it in the 1st place?
  2. 2. Obama originally supported DADT but seen how badly he started to drop in the polls so he flipped on the issues and no longer supported the Clinton policy.
  3. 3. Raising the debt ceiling. Obama as Sen. Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling. Now President Obama wants to RAISE it. Yet another flip flop.
  4. 4. Obama promised to slash the federal deficit in half by his 1st term. Yet is crying over the deal he reached with Speaker of the house John Boehner. Under Obama our debt has jumped over larger buildings than superman could ever dream of
  5. 5. Obama originally said he was going to bring the troops home on his 1st day in office, then changed his tune to a 100 days and now President Obama just sent 35,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Yet another flip flop!
  6. 6. Obama once protested what was going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we bomb Libya.

Mr. President I hope you enjoy your 1st and only term!


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