Do not make an Obama grassroots volunteer mad!

Posted: April 12, 2011 by The STR in Political Comedy
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Here is a funny story I want to share with all of you wonderful people out there. In 2008 I was in a night club a very well respected night club. I will not name the place because that is not relevant to my story. So I and my partner are at this event and it got bombarded by Obama supporters. Now this was not a political rally or a political fundraising event. The Obama supporters came in and in a non disruptive way were talking to various people about voting for Barack Obama instead of John McCain.

I want you to know that most of the people are registered Democrats and they welcomed the Obama supporters. Everything was going good we all were having a blast when one of them came up to me trying to give me an Obama 08’ pin and bumper sticker. I very politely told the person I was voting for the other guy. Well it was at that moment that I felt like as if I was in a room full of vampires and I was the only human around for miles. This one particular Obama supporter just smiled “sheepishly” and excused herself. About 10 mins later she came back with 4 other supporters. They then went on trying there hardest to convince me to vote for Obama. I told them that all they are doing was making NOT want to vote for him. They went from being very respectful to very angry very fast. They started cursing me out because I refused to vote for the Obama.

So being the “super” nice guy I am I started throwing facts in their face about WHY I was not voting for Obama? Once again things very not looking good lol, I want you to know that they got on a Microphone and started this huge ordeal about how John McCain was the devil and that Obama was the coming Messiah. I looked at my partner and said where is the nearest exit lol we are about to be burned at the stake. So a few other people in our party started chanting McCain and all hell broke out broke out. What went from a very wonderful enjoyable evening in a NON political environment with some close friends and comrades was turning into a nightmare.

These Obama supporters were beyond brain washed, I just could never understand how a group of people could become so brainwashed over someone who has flipped flopped on more issues than any other Presidential Candidate in history. Democrats claim the tea party is a bunch of radicals? They need to look at their own grass roots movement before they judge another. Now we all know the tea party is not a part of the Republican Party they even endorsed some Democrats blue dog Democrats but still Democrats.

Needles to say we made our way very cautiously to our cars and got the hell out of there. So be careful around an Obama supporter they cannot handle the FACTS. Most of them only strictly go by what they are told. So therefore the assume that is the facts. People I cannot press how valuable it is to get the facts about something before forming an opinion or before voting for someone who can utterly ruin your life.  Hopefully the 2012 Obama supporters will be a little bit more knowledgeable then the 2008 crowd.

Written by:
Steven Bravo
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