The budget and ultimately the partial government shutdown lies at the foot of the Obama administration and the democratic leadership. The budget for 2011 was being debated and failed to pass when the democrats held both houses and the presidency.  They could have easily passed a budget. But Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi lacked the will to get their houses in order. They pushed to have a vote on it after the midterm elections. They did not want to face the voters after passing a budget that increased spending. After the worst election for the party in power since 1937 they did nothing during the lame duck session. They pushed off the budget again.

The House Republicans have shown true leadership in offering reasonable spending cuts and extensions. They have offered solution after solution. The young Republican Members of Congress have withstood courageously the gnashing and wailing of teeth of the Obama Administration. Rep. Ryan of Wisconsin has bravely presented a wonderful budget for the next ten years. The Republican house has extended the olive branch to come to the table with reasonable propositions. The Democrats in power have acted as children calling names and throwing tantrums. The Republicans offered to fund the Pentagon through October. It is The Administration’s fault our troops will have a lapse in pay.

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