What does a Govt. Shut Down mean for you?

Posted: April 8, 2011 by The STR in Political NEWS & VEIWS
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I have been watching this situation very carefully and here is my take on the situation. The Democrats are refusing to budge as are the Republicans. See lets go back to Nov. 2010 real quick there was a loud and clear message sent to D.C but yet the Democrats in power dismissed this. The American people did not just send this new congress there to play games. The Democrats in power who did not adhere to the Nov. 2010 election now knows that the out of control spending will be stopped.

President Obama’s very own party has slightly shifted from him and it would not surprise me as if they joined forces with the Sen. Republicans to overturn his veto if he dishes out a veto for continuing to fund our troops.  The out of control Govt. spending programs HAVE to stop; you cannot spend your way out of debt. How many of you that are in debt actually have spent your way out of debt with money you did not have? You have to save and save and save some more, there is no other way to get out of debt other than to save your money make some sacrifices and pay the debts down with the money you save. So what is the 1st step to eliminating your debt problems? You slash your budgets; you look to see what the necessity is and what the luxury is. The luxury is your wasteful spending so you start slashing back on your luxuries. Then you allocate that money towards paying down your debts.

This is not rocket science this is common sense and to think that you can cut your necessities and allocate that monies to your luxuries in order to cut down you debt is nothing short of ludicrous. But apparently the Democrats believe this is the proper way to go. So what does a Govt. shutdown mean for you? If you are a federal employee then I am sure the agency you work for has provided you with instructions on what to do. But for the vast majority of Americans you know the ones that rely on the Pvt. Sector in order to feed their families not really much will affect you. Unless you are trying to get like a passport or wanting to visit the Smithsonian museum or unless you are an American soldier then you’re up with the other Federal agencies and won’t get a paycheck until the Govt. works out a budget plan.

So the end of the world is not going to happen if we have a Govt. Shutdown look we had a Govt. Shutdown in 95-96 for 21 days and we are all still here. I am sure there will be some kind of compromise met between the Speaker of the House and Sen. Harry Reid and President Obama. But just in case there isn’t then do not panic!

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