The FCC is planning to cripple talk radio.  Not by the fairness doctrine, but by something far worse – threatening to close down stations themselves.

Their offensive takes three forms:

a) Shortening the licensing period for radio stations from the current eight years to four.  This change gives the FCC power of life and death over stations while Obama‘s appointees are still there.

b) Requiring 25% of talk stations’ programming to be locally produced.  Since it costs vastly more to hire a talk show host than to subscribe to a national show, many stations can’t afford it.  The result will be forcing many stations to give up talk radio entirely.

c) Requiring stations to establish community advisory boards. These boards, composed of “community representatives” will report to the FCC on whether the station is satisfying the needs of the community.  Ratings won’t matter, the opinion of these activists will.  With their predictable liberal bias, their reports will provide the basis for an FCC denial of licenses to conservative stations.

The FCC also wants to be able to fine stations for failing to comply with the community board advice, a lesser punishment, with the fines going to NPR!

All these measures have one aim: To extinguish free speech.



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