Gingrich to announce 2012 intentions within two weeks

Posted: February 27, 2011 by The STR in Political NEWS & VEIWS
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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he will form an exploratory committee for a potential 2012 bid and could make his intentions known in as little as two weeks, according to reports.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported Saturday that Randy Evans, the lawyer in charge of Gingrich’s business interests, said Gingrich would announce the formation of a presidential exploratory committee within “the next 10 days.” Evans was Gingrich’s lawyer during his divorce proceedings in 1999.

Gingrich also told an audience in Florida on Friday that he was within two weeks of making a decision as to whether he would run for president, according to The Palm Beach Post.

In a statement to the Post, Gingrich’s press secretary Rick Tyler wrote, “We have said for weeks now that Newt will decide whether or not to move to an explore phase by late February/early March. We are sticking to that schedule. In response to what has been said: Newt will make up his mind in his time.”

Gingrich has been openly mulling a presidential bid for months, and his fundraising acumen, combined with is relatively favorable standing among early polls could make him a formidable candidate. In October, the Post’s Karen Tumulty reported that Gingrich had begun “transitioning” his four businesses so that they would not become political impediments. And the Post’s Dan Eggen outlined in January that much of Gingrich’s financial status remains unknown – something that could complicate matters for a candidate Gingrich under the presidential klieg lights.

The Post’s Chris Cillizza reported in early February that Gingrich could be among the most underrated candidates in the field of potential 2012 candidates.


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