What started the crisis in Egypt 2011?

Posted: February 5, 2011 by The STR in NEWS & LOCAL NEWS
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To understand what happen in Egypt you must know this facts :
1- Mubarak is pro-American who govern Egypt since 1981 , and wanted to put his son as new president on the presidential election on September 2011
2- he make Egypt poor , stole Egypt fortune with his Family , friends ,his company , sell Gas to Israel , make other Arab countries hate Egypt , and make Egypt is
Police country, where internal inelegance can arrest anyone and kill anyone and abuse anyone
3- Egypt is most threaten for Israel due to big population 90 millions and big army, and Egypt fortune of resources and smart labor force also Egypt
Defeated Israel 1973 completely, while Egypt and Israel have peace agreement but Israel fear from any other coming government that may do not respect
The peace agreement and give Israel the chance to keep killing innocent people in Palestine like usual, so America , Israel , U.K want Mubarak and do not
Care about democracy, human rights, just want to keep their advantages with Mubarak
4- Egyptians make civil revolution against Mubarak system; it started to collect people through face book, tweeter, etc , most of them is youth 15-30 years old
Who do not find job while they are well educated , abused by police , and want to build a new future of Egypt
5- He stopped internet, mobile, satellite; arrest BBC, cnn, Aljazeera TV agents
6- He pushed 1 million dirt criminal police forces to stop the protests
7- the protests arrange the Friday of rage 28 of Jan , and show historical courage never seen in this century and defeated the police completely
8- Mubarak pushed the army, but the Egyptian army history is clean and did not ever fire a bullet on Egyptians protests
9- Mubarak take of the police from streets and open jails for criminals to make looting in the country so people fear and ask for the police help
10- The protests make groups like police to secure the country and arrange traffic and arrest criminals
11- Mubarak put a vice president and new government to make people calm
12- Protests refuse and they want the following:
1- Mubarak must go
2- Canceling the emergency law which gives permission to arrest anyone this law is 30 years implemented and give the dictators the chance to arrest anyone without courts
3- New constitution that secure freedom and democracy, human rights
4- Reelect a new parliament
13- The army leader said, we will not ever fire on people and the people is free to show their choice (the army leaders is natural now)
14- American hypocrite government started to comment at first with supporting Mubarak cause he is a friend of them and Israel but now they start to show some support to Egyptian protests , now after they sure that mobile cannot continue and protests is so strong after they become more than 8 millions , so America try to find a soulation
To be sure that the new president will not be anti-American/anti-west
15- America still supports him until now and gives him every facility to stop the revolution
16 – Mubarak and business men related to him hire criminals and secret police to make a massacred in liberation square and kill as much as protests as they can
And destroy Egyptian museum which hold 75% of human historical ancient antiques which value trillions of dollars , the protests shown unshaken steadfastness
And 1000s injured and killed .
17- The revolution will success and America will lose their power step by step in Middle East because its hypo crate and foolish policy
18- Revolution started in Tunisia and then Egypt and will continue to all Arab countries and this make America and Israel fear, because they support all dictator systems in Arab countries
19- This revolution not for specific ideology (it’s not like Iran revolution), protests is Muslims, Christians, liberals, communist , every methodology in Egypt
It’s the biggest CIVIAL protest in history 8 million (10% of population) , it’s for democracy , freedom , human rights , so why America /EU keep Quit?
Revolution until Victory, Egypt is Uprising, Long Life Egypt, the oldest Civilization in history

Note: to see how Egyptian police killed people and how they behave, see related videos,
Secret police take diplomatic car of American embassy and kill 20 people !
Egyptian tank man
Egyptian ad for revolution


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