Pelosi on tax cuts, running for minority leader, being ‘demonized’

Posted: November 13, 2010 by The STR in Political NEWS & VEIWS
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Now I saw this on MSNBC and just can not understand why Nancy Pelosi still does not get it!

1: She was asked this – On main reasons for running as minority leader:

Pelosi: I’m running to put together the strongest plan to work with the Republicans to solve problems. The biggest problem is unemployment. I hope we can work together to create jobs. And I do so with the overwhelming support of my caucus, not the unanimous support.


What she does not get is the American Voter ousted her Democratic buddies because it is not the JOB of Congress to create JOBS. Sharron Angle said it best when she debated Harry Reid. “It is NOT our job to create jobs; it is our job to create policies to help the private sector create jobs” THAT IS 1 REASON WHY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OUSTED THE DAMN DEMOCRATS.


2: She was asked – The Republicans have demonized you. How do you prevent that from hurting your party more than it already has?

Pelosi: Well, let me say this – when you say “more than it already has” – the reason the election results are what they are is because we have 9.5 percent unemployment in our country. We didn’t lose the election because of me. In any circumstance, when you have 9.5 percent unemployment, any party that cannot turn that into political gain should hang up the gloves; I said that before the election. The reason they had to try to take me down is because I’ve been effective in fighting the special interests in Washington, D.C. I’m also the most significant attractor of support for the Democrats. So I’m not looking back on this. They asked me to run, I’m running, and, again, our members understand that they made me a target because I’m effective.


Yet again she is only proving the point that she does not GET IT! She refuses to come out of her little bubble world. The democrats are asking her to run again as leader of their party? REALLY? Then who is this Heath Shuler? He is one of the smarter Democrats that realize Nancy Pelosi is poison in the American Voters eyes. He is most likely going to challenge her and he has a damn good chance of winning the minority leader spot.


3: She was asked – On extending Bush-era tax cuts:

Pelosi: The position that we have, and which is the position that the president has put forth, is that everybody should get a tax cut in our country. The problem comes when you give an additional tax cut to the wealthiest 2 percent that will heap $700 billion in debt onto our children and our grandchildren.

Now if this isn’t a double edged sword I do not know what it. 1st they say only middle class people should get a tax cut, What they are failing to tell people are there is a new middle class and it is those people who make 150,000 a year. That is your new middle class. If you make 150,000 a year you are NOT wealthy you are middle class. Now she says that $700 billion will in debt will be handed down to our grand children and great grand children and so forth. What about the mega stimulus that they passed. Who is supposed to pay for this? OUR GRAND CHILDREN & OUR GREAT GRAND CHILDREN. Where has the Stimulus gone too? Damn sure not to the private sector that is for damn sure.


4: She was asked this – What about a temporary extension?

Well, our position in the House has been that we support the tax cuts for everyone, but not an additional tax cut at the high end. It’s too costly. Those tax cuts have been in effect for a very long time. They did not create jobs. In fact, with the tax cuts that President Obama had in the recovery package, we have now 10 straight months of private sector job growth. So from day one, President Obama and this Congress have been job creators, at the same time giving tax cuts to the middle class, which do create jobs.


She claims they created Private Sector Jobs, just how many pvt. Sector jobs did they create? A few 100, once again this was exactly the same thing she said in the 1st question asked.


5: She was asked this – Is there an advantage to being less visible in the minority?

Pelosi: This isn’t about – it isn’t about me. Maybe the Republicans will take a course of action that will solve problems. God bless them if they do. But maybe they will pursue what they have said, which is to privatize Social Security, to make Medicare a voucher, to resist our initiatives. So it’s – the opportunity that is there is to have clarity. Maybe they will be more eloquent in defining themselves than we could have ever been in defining them.


Simply put she is bitter as hell just by her comments alone tells you everything you could want to know about her “true” feelings. “Maybe the republicans will take a course of action that will solve problems” In this statement you can tell she is being sarcastic to the American Voter. She also goes to say that maybe they will privatize social security and turn Medicare into a voucher. All things that the American Voter knows and supported, if not they would not have been elected. SHE STILL DOES NOT GET IT AND APPARENTLY ONLY IN SAN FRAN COULD A POLITICIAN OF SUCH DUMB ASS Disease remain in power.


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