Watched the Florida Governors Debate tonight not that good of a debate I mean all Alex Sink did was yet gain prove why Rick Scott is a better choice. Granted he is no Saint and has owned up to his mistakes, people are crying about his depositions he will not release. It is his right as an American citizen to plead the 5th and not to release depo’s regarding a pvt. Matter.




The career politicians  in Tallahassee have done little to jumpstart our economy. But then again, how can you get our economic wheels in motion when  you’ve  never  balanced  a  budget,  been forced to meet payroll, or created a job?

“Face it, if the career politicians knew how to get us out of this recession, they would have done it already.”

That’s  why  it’s  time  for  a  conservative  outsider with real-world business experience to take charge of Florida’s economy.  I  am  the  only  candidate  in  this  race  with  a comprehensive plan that will get our fiscal house in  order,  balance  the  budget,  and  create  long-term, good-paying jobs.

The  plan  isn’t  complex.  In  fact,  it’s  very simple.  And it’s common sense.  I’ve created jobs in the private sector. As governor, these 7 steps will create 700,000 jobs in 7 years:

  1. Implement Accountability Budgeting
  2. Reduce Government Spending
  3. Enact Regulatory Reform
  4. Focus on Job Growth and Retention
  5. Invest in World Class State Universities
  6. Reduce Property Taxes
  7. Phase out the Business Income Tax

“Let’s make Florida the job creation model for the nation.”

Pulled from Rick Scott’s website Click Here!


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