ICYMI: Alex Sink “Fumbled,” “Paused,” And “Stuttered” During Debate And Undecided Voters Take Notice

Posted: October 22, 2010 by The STR in Political NEWS & VEIWS
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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – In case you missed it, Republican gubernatorial nominee Rick Scott was the clear winner of last night’s gubernatorial debate, presenting a positive vision for turning Florida around, based on his 7-7-7 Plan to create 700,000 private sector jobs. Failed CFO and former banker Alex Sink repeated false and negative attacks and “stuttered” through her answers, pausing several times. Her dismal performance was noted by two thirds of a panel of undecided voters who were interviewed on CBS 4 in Miami.

To view the panel discussion with undecided voters, click here.

Key Exchanges:

REPORTER: Lisa says Rick Scott made stronger arguments.

VOTER: Where Alex Sink is not clear on her issues and where she stands.

REPORTER: She thinks Alex Sink lost this debate.

VOTER: She was not clear, she fumbled, she had a lot of pauses in between.

REPORTER: Now she says she will vote for Scott. Frank also thinks Sink lost the debate, he thinks Scott had a better understanding of the issues.

VOTER: Much more composed. Extremely more focused.

REPORTER: And in the end, Frank also said he’s voting for Scott on November 2nd.

VOTER: And being an independent all my adult life, I definitely would have to go with the new kid on the block.

REPORTER: And while the issues are important for these voters, two of them said they couldn’t trust Alex Sink because she appeared nervous and stuttered during the debate.


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