Even her own Party wants nothing to do with her.. Why does these morons not get it? THEY FAILED ……

Posted: October 14, 2010 by The STR in Political NEWS & VEIWS
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Another Democrat Says No to Pelosi

Representative Jim Marshall of Georgia has added his name to the list of Democratic congressional candidates who have said they would not backNancy Pelosi for speaker if their party keeps control of the House.

Mr. Marshall, whose voting record has been rated among the more conservative for Democrats in the House, made that declaration on Wednesday, not long after his campaign released a new advertisement that employs a geography lesson and dancing hippies to distance its candidate from Ms. Pelosi.

“I was very hopeful that Speaker Pelosi could govern from the middle despite coming from the left,” Mr. Marshall said in a statement. “I am convinced that just won’t work. We need someone who comes from the middle to govern from the middle.”

The congressman’s announcement comes after at least two other Democrats running for the House from neighboring states –- Representative Bobby Bright of Alabama and Roy Herron of Tennessee – have said they would notvote for Ms. Pelosi for speaker. The three are all running in districts that Senator John McCain easily carried in the 2008 presidential election.

A spokesman for Austin Scott, Mr. Marshall’s Republican opponent, responded to today’s news with a statement noting that the incumbent had previously voted for Ms. Pelosi as party leader in the House and said the congressman was now admitting that his past support for her “is a defining issue of this race.”

“The election-eve conversion Jim Marshall’s making on his political deathbed doesn’t exactly merit a ‘Profile in Courage’ award,” said the spokesman, Sam Ray.

Mr. Marshall’s statement on Wednesday appears to make official what was at least heavily hinted at it in his new advertisement.

In the spot, as a trio of dancing hippies pop up on-screen, the narrator says: “Georgia is a long way from San Francisco. And Jim Marshall is a long way from Nancy Pelosi.”


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