Kendrick Meek ‘absolutely not’ dropping out

Posted: October 11, 2010 by The STR in NEWS & LOCAL NEWS, Political NEWS & VEIWS
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Well thank you God for that now Marco Rubio can have smooth selling all the way to Washington D.C…..They asked the question should Christ drop out the race? HELL HE CRIED WHEN RUBIO SPANKED HIM IN THE PRIMARIES CHRIST IS POWER HUNGRY AND KNOWS HE IS OUT OF GAS…..

Democrat Kendrick Meek said Monday he is “absolutely not” in negotiations with independent Charlie Crist to drop out of the three-way Florida Senate race, insisting he is “running for first.”

Meek has been on the offensive denying reports, originating from a Wall Street Journal story last week, that he is considering dropping out of the race in order to keep Republican favorite Marco Rubio from becoming Florida’s next senator.

“Absolutely not… it’s nothing further from the truth,” Meek said on MSNBC‘s Daily Rundown. “I’m in this race. I’m not trying to run for second, I’m running for first.”

Meek then took aim at Crist, saying that the current governor already lost in the GOP primary to Rubio. Meek said that he can “live within [my] skin” and has done “everything” he was supposed to do, including defeating a well-financed opponent in a contested Democratic primary.

When pushed as to whether it was more important to keep Rubio, the conservative candidate, out of the Senate — given the reality that he and Crist likely will split the Democratic vote, Meek dodged the question.

Meek said his “faith” leads him to believe Floridians won’t send Rubio to Washington.

Should Crist drop out of the race?

“That’s up to the governor,” Meek told MSNBC.


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