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It appears that yet another Obama advisor is resigning now only if Obama would follow suite things might be ok.

Gen. James Jones is calling it quits as President Obama’s national security adviser, Fox News has confirmed. His resignation will be effective in two weeks.

Tom Donilon, the deputy national security adviser, will succeed Jones, Fox News has learned.

President Obama will announce the change on Friday afternoon in Rose Garden ceremony with Jones and Donilon.

While Jones’ resignation is not unexpected, he is the latest high-profile official to leave Obama’s administration following Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel‘s departure last week.

Last month, Christina Romer stepped down as Obama’s top economic adviser and Larry Summers announced he would leave as director of the president’s National Economic Council at the end of the year. Budget Director Peter Orszag left the administration in July. Dennis Blair resigned as the nation’s intelligence director in May.

More leadership changes are expected as Obama nears the two-year mark of his term and the grueling pace of the White House takes a toll.

Jones, who retired from active duty in February 2007 after more than 40 years of uniformed service, had planned all along to leave the national security adviser’s post within two years, said one official


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