Top 5 real N.J. ‘Housewives’ problems

Posted: September 6, 2010 by The STR in Uncategorized
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NJ - Lodi: The Bada Bing! (Satin Dolls)

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I have watched this show and I must admit the drama is amazing…Everyone loves a good drama “As long as they aren’t involved”….

1. Sex: Danielle Staub maintains her sex tape was private. Even so, she signed off on the adult-themed video’s distribution after settling lawsuits she filed against the ex-boyfriend who originally put it on the market. Danielle’s ex-husband, Kevin Maher, also characterized her as a “nymphomaniac” in a deposition he gave for a defamation suit he’s launched against her. Oh, did we mention that Danielle also celebrated her birthday earlier this summer at a strip club?

2. Money: Teresa and Joe Giudice filed for bankruptcy after a lawyer told them they were — gulp! — $11 million in debt. Teresa has said Joe never told her about their dwindling bank account because he was hoping the real estate business would pick up. But now, she insists the Guidices are living within their means. Their daughters are even wearing each other’s hand-me downs. New Jersey Housewives — they’re just like us?!

3. Children: Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley was charged with simple assault and was fined $189 because of the now infamous brawl at the New Jersey Country Club in Wayne, N.J., in which she allegedly threatened to kill Danielle while pulling out a chunk of her extensions.

Caroline’s youngest son, Chris, wants to open a combo car wash and strip joint. Depending on who you’re talking to, that could be a problem. However, his older brother Albi’s career aspirations took a hit when he flunked out of law school. Albi has apparently suffered from learning disabilities for most of his young life. Even so, he says he’s determined to fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer.

4. Hometown: The Country Club mentioned above has banned the Housewives cast from its premises after the cuss-filled, weave-yanking theatrics mentioned above. Club president Joe Stanley wrote in a letter to members that his decision to allow them to film there was a “lapse in judgment.”

5. Gay: We’ll get to self-proclaimed Lesbian Superstar Lori Michaels in a second, but first remember when Danielle scolded Teresa’s husband for making a gay slur? Sadly, she didn’t make the same fuss when her knucklehead friend Danny taunted Chris Manzo by calling him “faggot” during the Country Club fiasco.


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