In Response to Poison Apple,

Posted: March 12, 2010 by The STR in NEWS & LOCAL NEWS

Well thank you for mentioning Patty in your wonderful blog about absolutely nothing. Let me explain something to you and this is how I feel and no one else ok. I for one could care less about your mother’s problems in her “real” life. This is the internet get over it and lighten the hell up, the pictures pulled and used in that bit was not any Live Video user. As stated in the broadcast early on. Now I will not sit here and say that your mother was not compared to one as was I “Steven Bravo” as was Bryan Fry & Patty P. was even compared to a picture. Take the time to take your head out of your ass and breathe once in your miserable pathetic peon life and realize that most of the people on ANY social broadcasting platform can distinguish the difference between the internet and reality.

Now before you go and cry about this or cry about that wanting sympathy for whatever new illness has dramatically stricken your hypochondriac ass realize that your poor mother was only mentioned in someone’s opinion. Oh wait left up to you and the rest of the frauds you run and vibe “hang” with (Excluding Bry of Fry) their would be no opinions other then your own. So do us all a damn favor and turn your damn computer off and stop sitting there waiting for sympathy calls and messages.

– Steven Bravo | Host of The STR


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